Katie Geis, a Milwaukee-based emerging artist, explores bold coloration, sweeping gestural brushstrokes, and minuscule details in her work. Her mediums of choice vary between oil and watercolor as each provides its own artistic pleasures. Katie’s paintings bring alive the inherent quest to express something personal, in an ardently appealing way. 

After graduating with dual degrees in Fine Art and Psychology from Wisconsin Lutheran College in 2013, Katie entered the art trade, primarily inspired by landscapes and detailed architecture. Having spent her childhood in San Jose, California, she frequently draws inspiration from her beloved hillsides and ocean scenery. She is especially drawn to the way light plays a role in drastically enhancing it’s subject, extracting stunning and unexpected colors.  While she enjoys nature scenes the most, she also dabbles in fashion, abstract florals, and figure studies.

Katie continues to pursue her work while also offering commissioned pieces and live event paintings for galas, weddings, and corporate events. When she isn't painting, Katie enjoys yoga, hiking, superb espresso, and spending time with her husband, Ethan. 

Philippians 4:13

Artist Statement

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” (-Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island). This quote exemplifies what I have come to understand art to be as I have grown up—a focused engagement and a vehicle for expression. I appreciate the beauty of art and I appreciate the worth that fine art can give to the admiring onlooker, but I also respect the power that the process of creating art possesses. I have witnessed the power of art to heal and soothe in others’ lives and have felt it in my own. I have seen it serve as a calming vehicle when a moment of relief is needed. And, alternately, I have watched it play the part of a communicative tool to help someone express otherwise veiled feelings. Perhaps most people view art as an object, something that can be created and attained; I have come to view it as a process, an ameliorating agent; its worth contained not in its goal, but its progression.

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Katie Geis painting for the Milwaukee Art Museum

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