The Process


1. Get Inspired

Katie Geis- Emerging Midwest artist fills homes with happy paintings.

Check out the paintings in the shop, on Instagram, and in my portfolio. We can start a conversation about why you are drawn to each one and discuss what kind of painting you want. Fill out the inquiry form and I will send you the pricing.


2. Choose a Size

Pick from landscape, portrait, or square format in a variety of sizes to suit your space. I will work with you to settle the details before getting started on your custom piece.


3. Choose Your Color Scheme

Share your  photos, fabric swatches and inspiration ideas with me and I will create a sketch so that you can envision your final painting, including colors and composition. I can even mail it to you so you can see the color scheme in your space.  


4. Photo Review

After I begin the first layers of your piece, I will send you some progress photos to make sure the color balance, composition, and direction feels right to you. I will make any necessary adjustments as I add layers to your work in progress, sending more photos as your painting evolves.


5. Finishing Touches

As the painting nears completion, I'll check in with you for approval. Based on your feedback, I'll add the finishing touches and send a final photo.


6. Approval & Delivery

Once everything is finalized, you'll make your final payment and I'll arrange shipment or delivery. Yay! 

The painting Katie created for us is my absolute favorite thing in my son’s room. I came to Katie with a very rough idea of what I wanted and to say she delivered is an understatement. The finished product far exceeded our expectations! The blue Camaro painting ties our son’s room together perfectly and I love having original artwork in my house. I would highly recommend Katie to anyone looking for something unique from a truly talented artist.
— Ashley, Wisconsin

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Katie Geis - Peony Bouquet Series

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