"Near and Dear" Series

As Wisconsin winter drudges on I find it extremely difficult to motivate myself to create. The lack of sunshine, layers of down jackets, along with lifeless surroundings can make for an uninspiring palette and even worse mood! Having grown up in the beautiful sunshiney state of California, my childhood surroundings played a pivotal role in what my adult self values most. I long for sunshine, hikes in the mountains, the ocean air, and the fresh smell of the earth as the fog's dewdrops evaporate. I miss the way the sunlight descends over the hills at sunset creating gorgeous hues of purple, and the stark contrast of the oak trees against the dried summer grasses. I have always been a keen observer of nature, often taking pleasure in the tiniest things that are otherwise overlooked and I crave being outside. My childhood was spoiled with activities being outdoors all year round which fostered my love of CA and the beauty it holds.

While I really enjoy the Midwest the rest of the year, winter brings out my longing for the West Coast. I often find myself daydreaming about my next California excursion (June 2018! TBD).   A couple months ago, after the craziness of Christmas commissions and events came to an end, I was feeling mopey and down about my drive as an artist. I withdrew from creative endeavors and was feeling sorry for myself. As an artist, this is the worst because the desire to create is still there, but the ideas are not. That attitude was driving me crazy so I decided to start a new series. It had to be something I loved that would get me through the rut of these dark months! Almost immediately I decided on CA memories, and came up with a list of my favorite places. It was easy for me to start painting again and so off I went with this new series, "Near and Dear." I've completed a few and am feeling a bit more optimistic. It is easy to creative when the subject is something close to your heart. 

Here's what I've done so far. I will keep you posted as I go! Thanks for reading!

Any other artists have advice for getting through the winter blues? 

China Cove - Katie Geis
California Mustard Fields - Katie Geis
Daley Ranch at Dusk - Katie Geis